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About Me.

My name is Alice McDonnell and I am the original 2010 founder of the Hashimoto's 411 patient advocate group in on Facebook which has now grown to over 100,000 members internationally.  THE OG ON FB!  And now introducing Autoimmune411 group and pages on all social media.


 Through countless hours of over 20 years of research online and in various patient groups I had finally decided to create my own with focus on sharing information aimed at identifying and treating the underlying causes of symptoms and Autoimmune disease. My group was one of the first to do so at the time amongst a mainstream medical / pharma based diagnose and prescribe majority.


 I established relationships with many of the top Autoimmune resources and merged them within the group's patient to patient interaction.  With a very fast-growing number of members, I recruited a group of like-minded volunteers to help moderate discussions, maintain focus on our core principals and to provide a safe / market free zone.


I'm proud to say the result has been the best interactive patient to patient thyroid group. We've helped countless sufferers around the world to find renewed health and wellbeing through exploration and implementation of alternative modalities. It's also been inspirational for many Alternative Doctors and Certified Nutritional professionals, Pharmacists and Book Authors who have passed through the group and learned from true patient feedback to better serve their patients or customers.

What I found through over 20 years of patient advocacy and interaction in patient groups is the baseline treatment protocols and information shared is applicable to any autoimmune disease. With that in mind I'm called to reach a far wider audience and to share my knowledge and experience in navigating the ever-growing number of diets, books, groups, pages and resources. It's wonderful that awareness has grown to current levels, but it can also be extremely overwhelming for someone new to diagnosis or just newly awakened to alternative modalities after years of undertreatment in mainstream medicine to know which is the "right" one and where to start. 


It's most important to identify and treat the underlying autoimmune disease causes to prevent the potential for obtaining other autoimmune diseases. Finding groups and resources for one specific autoimmune disease can be hugely helpful for those able to navigate them but if the information they share doesn't include treating baseline autoimmunity you'll be left undertreated.

That's where my expertise lies in sharing what i've seen through years of direct patient feedback works through direct patient feedback in my own Hashimoto's 411 group and others like it and to help you find your way through the countless books, diets, supplements and treatment protocols. 

I look forward to continuing my patient advocacy as a guide for the ever-growing number of Autoimmune patients around the world.  You aren't alone on this journey! Continue to enjoy the Hashimoto's group in it's volunteer moderated content capacity and bear with me and help me to grow my new website and social media presence for Autoimmune 411. 

Mountain Ridge


Get the 411 on Autoimmune books, protocols and groups. I've been a patient advocate for over 20 years and can help you navigate the countless Autoimmune resources out there. 


I'm an Autoimmune Disease Sufferer and Warrior just like you.

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