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My name is Alice McDonnell and I am the sole, original founder of the Hashimoto's 411 (TM) patient advocate group on Facebook which is now over 100,000 members internationally.  I established relationships with the top Autoimmune resources and merged them with real patients to create what is now the largest Autoimmune thyroid patient group in the world. The has helped countless autoimmune thyroid sufferers to find renewed health and wellbeing through exploration and implementation of alternative modalities and has also been an inspiration for many Alternative Doctors and Certified professionals, Pharmacists and Book Authors who have passed through the group and learned from true patient feedback.

While I'm very proud to have built the foundation of that group up through years of dedicated attention and interaction to what it is today I no longer moderate in the Hashimoto's 411 group.  It's a fantastic resource as are the countless patient groups for other autoimmune diseases  but I am compelled to reach a far wider audience. I am forever grateful for the friendships and connections i've made and the selfless time the groups volunteer moderators have given just to help others.

What I found through over 20 years of patient advocacy and interaction in my own Hashimoto's 411 group and various others geared for specific autoimmune diseases is the baseline protocols and information shared is largely applicable to any autoimmune disease.  Treating any autoimmune disease starts with proper testing to determine underlying causes and correcting those. These typically include gut permeability leading to vitamin and mineral deficiencies and so on and so on. A domino effect.

Having one autoimmune disease creates the potential for getting others if the underlying causes are not determined and corrected. 

How can I help you with your Autoimmune disease?  I can help by sharing what i've seen works through direct patient  feedback in my own Hashimoto's 411 group and others like it and to help you find your way through the countless books,  diets, supplements and treatment  protocols. 

I look foward to being a guide for the ever growing number of Autoimmune patients around the world. You aren't alone on this journey.

Autoimmune 411  and Hashimoto's 411 are Trademark entities held by Alice McDonnell

Let’s Work Together

I'd love to feature various Autoimmune professionals and Patients with feedback they'd like to share. Get in touch so we can start working together.

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